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We have supplied Gym Equipment To Leisure Centres, Sports Clubs and Hotels in every county in Ireland – Ask For References

Gym equipment in general can vary immensely in quality and price. On a sliding scale starting from cheaper home products at a very reasonable price to semi commercial products, then on to a high end commercial product the likes of which you would find in a local gym or fitness facility in Ireland. At Gymequipmentireland.ie 90% of our business is to supply the high end commercial products at a keen price for your club or fitness facility. With the home market or a start up fitness centre or sports club we can supply a budget package with more affordable commercial refurbished gym equipment.


At Gymequipmentireland.ie we have a professional Sales team to establish the needs and requirements that best suit your individual or business needs and goals.

Trade customers/ Gym Owners / Sports Clubs

When choosing the right fitness equipment for your centre or Sports club it is important to reflect on your target market or membership requirements and how much your prospective customers are willing to pay for membership to your facility. The budget you allocate for equipmemt should reflect this.

Fitness Equipment For Sports Clubs – Rugby, GAA, Hurling, Soccer, Running, Tennis, Athletics, Rowing

It is essential to consider your options carefully when deciding on the correct commercial gym equipment to suit your training program and strategy for the coming season. Selecting home equipment because of a tight budget in this economic climate should NOT be an option! We have seen clubs lean towards this option from other equipment suppliers on occasions and it can be a costly mistake mainly due to insurance companies not paying if an incident or injury happens at your club while training. Home gym equipment can NOT handle the usage and has not got the strength and durability for your club. Home products are not fit for the stress they receive in a club environment. Home Gym Equipment should be kept for the home fitness market.

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