Plate Loaded

Primal Glute Drive machine | Plate Loaded | sale €1250

  • Primal Strength’s Glute Drive is the ultimate glute, hip drive machine. The machine is fully adjustable both in length and foot plate angle,
    allowing users to create the perfect hip thrust set-up.The Primal Strength Glute Drive has an oversized footplate with a fully rubberized, non-slip top layer. It has 5 different angle adjustments to create the perfect range and angle for each exercise and user type. Read more

Smith Machine Commercial Primal Strength Range €1250

Primal Strength – Commercial Smith Machine

This Primal Strength Smith Machine is a Commercial grade Smith, with a heavy duty frame and extended cage depth to support
any bench size. It has a 250KG capacity and 30mm knurled bar with closed-bush bearings, well thought out design by primal strength
and a great addition to your gym or fitness facility with a competitive price of €1250 you can not go wrong, select More button to see spec sheet

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Primal Strength, Stealth Commercial Power Rack (Discounted Price €850)

Primal Strength Power Cage HD

This Primal Strength HD STEALTH Commercial Power cage is a great purchase for a commercial fitness club, with maximum weight of 600KG,
with a robust design and finished steel to a high standard. made from 11 gauge / 3mm steel, with a life time frame warranty it is a reliable purchase and is
highly reccomended by C.G.E.I, click on the more button to see specifications

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Primal Strength, Hip Thrust Bench , Floor GHD (FOR ONLY €389 EURO!)

Primal Strength Gym Equipment

Primal Strength Hip Thruster and Floor GHD

This Primal Strength  dual hip Thruster/Extension Bench and floor GHD FOR ONLY €389 EURO includes an oversized hip thruster pad and an adjustable leg support Height and non slip foot plate. this well thought out bench is clever in its design and functionality. it is Commercial Grade Steel, Powder Coated with a life time frame warranty with compact wheel design. As usual great Design with Primal Strength Gym Equipment
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Leg Press

Pre-Owned – Nautilus Commercial Gym Equipment quality is untouchable when it comes to durabilty and robust design, this Nautilus leg press is built to the highest standard. Taken from the renowned Nautilus XPLoad equipment line this Four-bar linkage design dramatically reduces knee shear by properly directing forces parallel to the tibia.This Xpload Leg Press provides the maximum muscle involvement with minimum knee and back stress. The Nautilus complete and XPLoad Commercial gym equipment now available in Ireland.
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Commercial Prone Leg Curl

Pre-Owned Nautilus Commercial gym equipment is the best selling strength kit in the world. the biomechanics and design is second to none. this Plate loaded Prone Leg Curl is well manufactured with the user positioning always at the forefront of the design making sure to MAXIMISE results. The bench pad keeps the hips raised to ensure FULL hamstring contraction! Read more to fill out our form to recieve buy viagra 100 uk full brochure on this great product. Welltech has a full selection of Nautilus commercial gym equipment.
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Leg Press Heavy Duty Nautilus XPLoad

Nautilus XP Load™ Equipment. Overcome the limitations of pure leverage leg press machines with XPLoad™ equipment. The XPLoad™ line of plate-loaded strength equipment successfully bridges the gap between free weights and selectorized fitness areas. Based on Nautilus’ state-of-the-art CAD and motion analysis technology, the XPLoad™ line offers uncompromised biomechanics with precision strength curves and a full range of movement for a wide range of body sizes. Professional athletes and novices alike will benefit from the XPLoad™ line and gain unprecedented results from their strength-training workouts.
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Seated Low Row Plate Loaded NEW

For €1800 New – This Sterling Fitness seated row machine replicates the pulling movement towards the chest and the chin at the end of the exercise, activating the latissimus dorsi and the middle and upper trapezius.Designed and manufactured, We can also put your company or club logo on equipment .Well designed equipment

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Shoulder Press Plate Loaded NEW

This shoulder press is the ideal machine from beginners to the most advance weight lifters and bodybuilders. The adjustable seat and angled back pad enable the user to set the desire start point / pre-stretch position. You also have a choice of prone and neutral hand positions which allows for a variety of pressing buy isotretinoin online movements. Designed and manufactured, We can put your company or club logo on equipment at no extra cost. Well designed equipment with a life Time warranty on the frame

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Lat Pulldown Plate Loaded NEW

The Lat Pulldown machine provides two superior back exercise movements, incorporating upper and mid back, and rear shoulder muscle groups. Designed and manufactured, We can put your cheap ambien buy company or club logo on equipment at no extra cost. Well designed equipment with a life Time warranty on the frame

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Incline Chest Press – Plate Loaded NEW

This machine replicates the dumbbell extension movement on the incline bench, activate the upper chest muscles,(L)1426mm x (W)2086mm x (H)1747mm – Net Weight 167 kg – Can be personalize buy accutane online pharmacy with your logo on it

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Seated Row – Plate Loaded NEW

This seated row is the perfect machine for any facility or circuit. Easily adjustable seat pad allows maximum range of movement while workout the muscles of the upper back. Large seal precision clonazepam no prescription bearings ensure strict, silky smooth operation for the life of the machine. Incredibly sturdy and built to lift heavy weights

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Leg Press- Plate Loaded NEW

This leg press can be used to perform a wide variety of assisted lower limb exercises. The positioning of this item prevents stress being placed on the muscles and joints of the back during exercise. Based on the position of the feet and the range of motion during the pushing movement, various muscles can be recruited at different intensities. The machine has been built to provide direct feeling-Large multi-angle foot platform offers variety of exercise positions. Designed and manufactured, We can put your company or club logo on equipment at no extra cost.

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Chest Press – Plate Loaded NEW

Brand New Plate Loaded Equipment – This machine replicates the dumbbell extension movement on the flat bench, activate the upper chest muscles -Designed and manufactured, We can put your company or club logo on equipment at no extra cheap accutane pills cost. Well designed equipment with a life Time warranty on the frame

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Rear Kick Plate Loaded NEW

This Rear Kick machine replicates the rear kick movement, in a closed kinetic chain, engaging the hamstrings and gluteal muscles.The wide footplate enables training from different angles. Designed and manufactured, We can Also put your company or club logo on equipment

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GEI Power Rack – Power Cage NEW

Brand New Plate Power rack/power cage, heavy durable commercial rack built to last,Designed and manufactured to the highest standards – We offer new racks and second hand rack for half the price when available. However for the price cage is truly a great investment for your club or fitness centre.

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