Strength Equipment

Primal Glute Drive machine | Plate Loaded | sale €1250

  • Primal Strength’s Glute Drive is the ultimate glute, hip drive machine. The machine is fully adjustable both in length and foot plate angle,
    allowing users to create the perfect hip thrust set-up.The Primal Strength Glute Drive has an oversized footplate with a fully rubberized, non-slip top layer. It has 5 different angle adjustments to create the perfect range and angle for each exercise and user type. Read more

REVVLL PRO Rope Trainer (Price €899)

REVVLL PRO Rope Trainer

This REVVLL Rope trainer made in Germany is a unique patented design and a great product to use in functional group training or individual one to one training or even something to carry in your fitness bag to be used anywhere.
This Revvll allows you to change the resistance and with a similer movement and motion to the popular gym grappler it will allow you to train for a more functional strength program.
It is an alternate option for all the gym Rigs out there that only have Straps! yes it is expensive at €899 per unit however it is well built and something unique you can offer your gym clients.

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Smith Machine Commercial Primal Strength Range €1250

Primal Strength – Commercial Smith Machine

This Primal Strength Smith Machine is a Commercial grade Smith, with a heavy duty frame and extended cage depth to support
any bench size. It has a 250KG capacity and 30mm knurled bar with closed-bush bearings, well thought out design by primal strength
and a great addition to your gym or fitness facility with a competitive price of €1250 you can not go wrong, select More button to see spec sheet

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primal strength GHD, Glute Ham , (Price €599)


This Primal Strength GHD glute ham is a robust and eye catching design, This Primal Strength GHD has 6 band pegs for use with Resistance Bands to add another level to your Glute Ham Raises and this GHD has an additional flat horizontal knee pad there is also a Pivot mechanism to adjust Foot Plate distance and height.the Ankle pads are .. Read more

Primal Strength, Hip Thrust Bench , Floor GHD (FOR ONLY €389 EURO!)

Primal Strength Gym Equipment

Primal Strength Hip Thruster and Floor GHD

This Primal Strength  dual hip Thruster/Extension Bench and floor GHD FOR ONLY €389 EURO includes an oversized hip thruster pad and an adjustable leg support Height and non slip foot plate. this well thought out bench is clever in its design and functionality. it is Commercial Grade Steel, Powder Coated with a life time frame warranty with compact wheel design. As usual great Design with Primal Strength Gym Equipment
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C.G.E.I , Primal Strength Dual Pulley , ADJ, €1299



This 2 x 90KG weight stacks, each stack 90kg light Commercial Dual Pulley has been a huge success with customers, it is heavy duty steel with a robust design. at this price point it is unmatched for quality and will suit a personal training gym and is well built and is highly buy alprazolam medicine recommended by C.G.E.I
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RL Power Cage 2 by G.E.I

RL Power CageThis Full Commercial Heavy Duty RL power cage/rack has been a huge success with Gym Equipment Ireland customers Nationwide, it is heavy duty steel with a robust design. It will complete with all top class cheap ativan visa power cages and has zero maintenance. The RL power rack is well built and is highly recommended by G.E.I
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RL Power Cage by G.E.I

RL Power Cage 1This Full commercial RL Power Cage has been Tried and Tested by Gym Equipment Ireland customers Nationwide with great success . The RL power Rack is strong, reliable and durable. available for viewing and is a Full Commercial product at a great price, click more for details. Available in the Colour Red and Black.
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RL Half Rack/ Half Cage

RL Half CageHere at G.E.I we only select Tried and Tested products suitable for your commercial gym, This Half Rack squat cage is just that, well built, durable and reliable, Available in red and black.
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G.E.I Selection of Olympic Benches

Benches and preacher curlG.E.I Supply A full Selection of Benches, from Preacher Curl bench to Flat, incline or decline Olympic. we can supply high end products with a top quality finish, to a small to medium budget with reliable and durable quality, this will depend on your available home or commercial budget. Please send us an email or fill out a form by pressing click here button. or ZOOM in by clicking picture. Read more

Zenith Commercial 45 – Leg Press Machine €2000

45 degree plate loaded leg pressThis Zenith 45 degree Leg press is a full commercial 45 degree Leg press. It is very well made and finished. It is far superior and more heavy duty than most of the welded leg press machines I have seen in Ireland. Most bodybuilding clubs lately are opting for the welded custom order machines without giving the machine factory made machines a chance. We would highly recommend you see this Zenith machine first before opting for the custom made leg machines. You will not be disappointed!
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Glute Ham

 P/O, A High Performance is what Nautilus commercial products are all about. This Nautilus Glute Ham Machine is a well designed piece of equipment. The adjustable foot support is adjustable both vertically and horizontally. The horizontal position can be adjusted with foot – while your still on the machine. Vertical adjustment is in a curved path to match the legs swing of the user. can also be used as a reverse hyper extension.

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Nautilus Evo Strength Gym Equipment

 Pre-Owned Equipment – Superior Nautilus® biomechanics – , Successor to Nitro Plus, the most popular strength line in the world, over 150,000 sold – Full Circuit is 25 machines – 2” x 4” steel frame,  5 lbs. increment weight stack,Proprietary pin design limits pilferage and misuse liability. 40 Years Ago, Nautilus® Practically Invented Gym Equipment and have Been Reinventing It Ever Since. In 1970, Nautilus designed and built the first machines that applied greater resistance in exercise motions where muscles are strongest and less resistance where muscles are weakest.  READ MORE TO SEE THIS AMAZING RANGE BY NAUTILUS COMMERCIAL STRENGTH
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Incline bench press by Nautilus

Pre-Owned Incline bench press by Nautilus is truly outstanding. If you have seen a better Olympic Incline bench press anywhere please let us know! (we have NOT!!) Ratcheting seat adjustment for ease of use and solid feel with a 35° incline seat and Back pad tapers to 10″ wide at the chest – Includes integrated spotters platform.  Weight lifted up to 700 pounds! With over 600 pounds of plate storage! The brushed chrome-plated (5/16″ thick) bar holders contain two catch positions, and accommodate Olympic bars. The vertical bar catches for easier racking.
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Decline bench press by Nautilus

P/O Decline bench press by Nautilus Commercial is another great addition to any club or fitness centre. Nautilus is by far the market leader when it comes to strength equipment. This amazing and sleek designed decline bench press can handle a massive 700LBS of weight. Nautilus seem to be going from strength to strength! With a huge 600 LBS of storage space no need for any additional plate tree.
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Bench Press by Nautilus

P/O Bench Press by Nautilus Commercial is truly the market leader when it comes to bench press design and durability. Nautilus® Olympic Benches, Squat Rack handles over 600 pounds of plate storage. The brushed chrome-plated (5/16″ thick) bar holders contain two catch positions, and accommodate Olympic bars. The vertical bar catches for easier racking to accommodate weight lifted up to 700 pounds.
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Squat Rack New

Squat Rack ZR(Our New Guide Price €571 – €650) This NEW Heavy Duty Multi Press Walk In Squat Rack is an extremely versatile piece of equipment. Made of Heavy Duty construction, it has multiple bar rests and adjustable us based online pharmacy no prescription spotter catchers for added safety. A fantastic addition to any home gym.

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Lat Pulldown & Low Row NEW

(Our Brand New GUIDE PRICE €1670 – €1870) Brand New Product – Full Commercial Lat Pull / Low Row Combined,Adjustable pads help keep any size user secure when lifting more than their own body weight.Overhead cable positioning isolates the lateral muscles and creates a superior downward pulling exercise.Large aluminium foot plates help keep user stable during exercise.Long seat to suit all sizes of users.High Quality Manufactured to your order from upholstery colour to the frame colour,smashing commercial machine with a life time frame warranty.

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Adjustable Bench NEW

Brand New Product – Commercial adjustable bench – 7 different positions ranging from 13 degree decline to 80Degrees incline – Angled seat pad for increased comfort Multi use bench – High cheap xanax canada Quality Manufactured to your order from upholstery colour to the frame colour, smashing commercial bench with a life time frame warranty

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Functional Trainer Dual Pulley Machine NEW

(Our New GUIDE PRICE €1900 – €2200) Gym Equipment  Full Commercial Functional Trainer or Dual Adjustable Pulley Compact is a great space saving machine which combines all the functionality of a cable crossover Dual pulley mechanism creates a smooth and easily operated adjustment system -17 different positions per stack, comes with a variety of accessories – Chinning bar included – Manufactured made to order specs – This machine is a new product

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