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Commercial Gym Equipment for Sports Clubs

Whether you manage a sports team or run a gym that is frequented by champions, you have no option but to provide the very best Commercial gym equipment.

  • You need a full range of innovative commercial fitness equipment.
  • You need absolute quality and reliability.
  • You need to monitor, record and manage the performance of each individual athlete.

In addition, we provide gym equipment and services to countless GAA sports teams, and Soccer Clubs throughout Ireland. Whatever the needs of your team, organization or club, we have the experience to provide you with everything you need. Training with confidence is the Key

 The main Benifits of Commercial Fitness and Gym Equipment Vs semi commercial or home machines

  • Reliability – Less down time or service issues
  • Durabilty – Manufactured to a higher level and standard
  • Availability and access to spare parts
  • Longevity – Life Span of the machine
  • Additional Monitoring Features and benefits
  • Additional High Performance features (EG – Treadmills up to 25 Kph)
  • Sport Specific and functionality – Larger Range of exercise strength machines
  • Higher investment in correct bio-mechanics research – ensuring correct posture and use of equipment minimising injury
  • Good Investment – second hand value for re-sale
  • most important – your covered with your insurance!

These are just some of the benefits of Commercial Gym Equipment, to recieve more information on specific products please fill out enquiry form below or click here to see products

dual pulley

Primal Strength Half Cage

Primal Strength Gym Equipment

Primal Strength

Commercial Treadmillls

Cross Trainers

Primal Strength Gym Equipment


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