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We’ll help you satisfy the demands of an increasingly sophisticated market.

Fitness centres in Ireland and around the world now find themselves having to keep up with the growing Knowledge and sophistication of their members.

Members expect to find a choice of quality Gym equipment that meets their exact fitness and health goals, whether they are professional athletes in fitness training or an everyday gym client. At Welltech Gym Solutions we provide Full Design Layout Planning from 3D to Virtual Tour of your gym facility. Save Time and money and invest in high end refurbished top branded gym equipment.

Below is a Recent News Report Relating to Gym / Fitness Centres

The Sunday Business Post Online Article. THE POST.IE

Sunday, June 28, 2009

More than 20 per cent of Irish adults take no exercise, according to a report published this month by the Health Service Executive.

The report, Health Status of the Population of Ireland, 2008, found that obesity was more prevalent in Ireland than in most EU countries, with 38 per cent of Irish people being categorised as overweight. Some 23 per cent of Irish people are obese, according to the report.

Those inspired to take advantage of the sunshine and adopt a healthier lifestyle can exercise free in their local park or anywhere else convenient. However, many people find it easier to commit to a series of weekly trips to the gym.

According to figures from the ILAM, the organisation that represents the leisure industry, there are about 600 gyms around the country, roughly half of which are members of ILAM. However, gym membership is not without its drawbacks.


In the first five months of this year, the National Consumer Agency (NCA) received more than 220 queries on gym related issues. A significant number of these came from consumers who had not read or fully understood the conditions of their membership agreements.

Last year, the NCA drew up guidelines for fairer contracts in the leisure and gym fitness sector. The seven point guide dealt with issues such as the duration of the contract, payments, cancelling membership and what to do in the case of a dispute. However, the guidelines are not binding, so gyms do not necessarily have to abide by them.

Barbara Claxton, marketing and development manager of the ILAM, said reputable clubs and gym had changed their contracts to reflect the NCA guidelines. She said the main problems related to direct debits and cancelling memberships.

Apart from health and safety laws, there is no specific legislation for a gym, according to Claxton.

However, she said things were improving, with most gym staff now having some sort of formal qualification or internationally recognised certification.

Claxton advised anyone considering joining a gym to look out for a gym with the White Flag award. This ensures that they meet minimum standards for criteria, such as swimming pool hygiene, water quality and treatment and health and safety.

Gym memberships

Before you pick a gym and part with your cash, decide whether you want a gym, a swimming pool, aerobics classes or a combination of all three.

Some gyms don’t have a pool, while some that do offer a lower rate if you opt for a gym only membership. If you expect to use the gym regularly, Full membership makes more sense than a pay-per-visit approach. Also, if you plan to visit the gym before work, see if it offers an off-peak option, which usually allows access in the early mornings and at weekend, but not in the evenings.

Short-term memberships allow you to test your willpower and see if you can justify the cost of becoming a full member. However, generally these contracts work out more expensive than a year-long contract.

Some gyms offer a monthly direct debit payment option, which generally costs slightly more than a single upfront payment for the year. Make sure you check how many months you have to sign up for.

Before the recession, joining fees were a common feature of gym memberships. However, now that the sector faces more competitive pressure, most joining fees have been reduced or scrapped altogether.

Before you sign a contract, check what the terms and conditions say about the minimum membership period, the notice period for leaving and any cancellation charges that may apply. Also, watch out for clauses that allow the club to make unrestricted changes to service or to change its fees without notice.


The price of gym membership will vary, depending on what services you want to use and what times you want to use them. Couple or family membership can often result in discounts, and lower rates apply for students and older people in many gyms.

Gym alternatives

If you’re reluctant to exercise to be cooped up in a sweaty gym on balmy summer nights, there is a host of outdoor alternatives around the country. So called ‘boot camps’ are coaxing gym goers to abandon the gym in favour of outdoor training, without an annual membership commitment. Instead, people tend to sign up for intensive courses for a few weeks. As recessionary pressures force people to re-evaluate their spending, this more flexible option offers a chance to get fit with a little tuition, but without being tied into an expensive contract.

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