StarTrac V-Bike

startrac-v-bikeThe Star Trac V-Bike provides a smooth, efficient pedal stroke and incomparable comfort. Every rider is ensured a perfect fit thanks to its micro-adjustable handlebars and seat- including women with short torsos and men who tower over six feet.

A better fit means less stress on the knees & lower back and greater efficiency for the rider. The bottom line? No other bike can compare with the V-Bikes style, fit and innovative componentry.


  • Size and spin rate of the flywheel are calculated to achieve the proper inertia, creating the most realistic cycling feel and minimizing risk of knee damage.
  • Pre-Owned
  • Stainless steel components
  • Heavy duty crank assembly
  • Serfus™ saddle for riding comfort
  • Push brake system
  • Powder coat & plated frame
  • Kraton grips
  • Resistance: Friction
  • Power Requirements: Self Powered
  • 18kg Fixed Flywheel
  • Weight: 105lbs
  • Condition: Used in working order
  • Dimensions: L: 40″ (106cm) W: 24″ (63cm) H: 40″ (103cm)

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