Technogym Gym Bike Excite 700

Technogym Bike Upright 700 tvThe Technogym Bike Excite 700 is the perfect choice as it brings you the full enjoyment of natural pedaling. The saddle position and smooth flowing movement ensure optimal muscle involvement, whilst the technogym CPR System makes it simple to program the heart rate you want to maintain during exercise.


The Technogym clear, high visibility display screen ensures that the machine’s different functions are easily accessible enabling technogym users to train to their full potential. Most important of all is that every Technogym function has been carefully tailored to meet the needs of thousands of users, ensuring the Technogym Bike Excite 700  can create the correct training with optimal programming for every individual, from the professional racer through to the office worker on a weight loss program.

Technogym Features

  • Technogym Ireland Pre-Owned
  • Used at Beeijing Olympics By Top Atheletes
  • Technogym is Highly reliable, strong & robust
  • Natural pedalling motion
  • Technogym CPR system-Your own heart rate controls the level
  • Clear, high visability display screen
  • Hand held & telemetric heart rate monitor
  • Technogym Water bottle holder & reading rack

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