Fluid E820 Upper Body Ergometer

fluid-ube-e820Gym and Fitness Equipment The Professional UBE that operates in both forward & reverse directions for maximum muscle engagement. The E-820 UBE Cycle is instantly adaptable between 3 functions – seated, standing or wheelchair access. Its the top value option of 3 machines in 1. The E-820 is perfect for the professional facility where maximum versatility of equipment is essential and is ideal for group classes and rehabilitation.

Key Features

  • 20 level patented Variable Fluid Resistance
  • Variable length crank arms – ideal for mechanical/rehab use
  • Seated, standing or wheelchair access
  • Operates in forward & reverse directions
  • Angle adjustable, self levelling hand grips
  • Main arm adjusts from horizontal to vertical with internal gas-assist mechanism
  • Interactive Performance Monitor
  • 4 position, horizontal seat adjustment
  • Contoured “soft touch” seat with lumbar support
  • Foot rest for added stability
  • Heart rate reception built in
  • Compact footprint

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